Working in Tandem – How Teachers and Tutors Can Make a Real Difference

A student being taught one on oneTeachers are of course vital to the educational development of children, but if your child also has the advantage of access to a private tutor at home it is really important for them to work in tandem with the child’s teachers in order to maximise the potential for learning.


Link Study to the Classroom – In some cases teachers just don’t have the time to cover everything that they need to in a certain subject. This is where a private tutor can work wonders, picking up where the teacher has ended in the classroom and covering any holes in learning, or going over topics that the student might not be confident in.


Complement the Teaching Style of the Classroom – A teacher in the classroom has all the knowledge and the specifics of the curriculum in front of them but they cannot give their full attention to individual students. Some children might be too shy to ask a question in the classroom and a private tuition session allows them to have that intimate learning experience and to be confident in their conversation with a tutor.


Aim for a Single Goal – The parents, teachers and tutors of a child can make a real difference to the success of the child in question if they come together to put a plan in place. Putting together a list of strengths and weaknesses and each working on different things to maximise the child’s potential can go a long way to making the difference required for success.


Think of the Child – If working together, a tutor and a teacher can work for the child’s best interests. The teacher can guide the tutor in areas that might have been missed in the classroom, as well as perceived weaknesses of the student from the schools point of view. The tutor is in a position to more closely monitor the progress of the child, feeding back to the teacher in a school setting.


Hiring a private tutor is a great way to enhance the educational possibilities of your child. If you do decide to hire private tuition, do your best to put in place a framework of learning that takes into account your child, but also puts the school teachers and tutor in touch to ensure a clear vision and roadmap for learning. The Education Centre has a wide range of private tutors, in many different subjects, in the Liverpool area. Contact us today to set up your child’s first session.

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