Weekly Maths Tutoring Proven to Increase Progress

A study from the Education Endowment Foundation has highlighted the benefits of private tuition, with those children receiving maths tutoring on a weekly basis likely to make three months’ more progress than those children not receiving any extra private tuition.

The study examined private tuition being offered in Manchester to Year 6 Pupils, and specifically being taught maths. Teachers had identified the pupils studied as working below the age-expected levels for the subject and with small group and one-to-one private tuition over the course of the study it was found there was significant benefits to private tuition.

1,290 children were part of the study, receiving 12 hours of maths tuition on a private basis, with at least a single, one-hour session each week for a 12-week period. The private tuition was taught in the majority of cases in a small group setting, with groups of three children, taking place during school hours.

The results were astonishing, with those pupils receiving the 12-week course of maths private tuition making additional progress of up to three months when compared with classmates who were not receiving the extra maths tuition. In the study it was also identified that those pupils with lower prior attainment benefited more from the extra tutoring, and could be used as an example for future private tuition to be suggested for disadvantaged pupils. The study also demonstrated that overall, girls seemed to gain more from the sessions than boys.

Private tuition brings with it a wealth of benefits and experience for pupils, including increased confidence, improved communication and learning techniques, as well as a chance to catch up and gain a greater insight into topics that a child may be falling behind on during regular school hours.  With one-on-one and small group settings, private tuition places more importance on the love of learning, whereas a child can become lost in the process of a large classroom setting where a teacher just has not got the time to dedicate one-on-one care.

Private tuition is of a great benefit to pupils of all ages, whether Primary School children needing help with maths, or student studying for GCSE exams, or those looking for some extra help with entrance exams to higher educational facilities, colleges, universities and professional bodies. With the help of a private tutor you can plan a real strategy to tackle your problems and to engage with learning in a way that encourages a life-long love of personal education alongside the short-term goals set out.

For more information about how private tuition can help you and your child in a wide variety of situations, please feel free to contact our friendly team at The Education Centre Liverpool today. We are able to take your call on 0151 515 8191, and will also return to you as soon as possible if you would like to email us at theeducationcentreliverpool@outlook.com.

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