Using Sport to Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy During Exam Season

Exam stressIf you are a student waiting for the exam season to come into focus you might be wondering about different ways you can fully prepare for the tasks ahead. At The Education Centre Liverpool we understand how important it is to know your topics, to revise as part of a thorough schedule and to fill in any gaps of knowledge you may have. Our private tutors can also help you prepare mentally for the challenges ahead.

As well as preparing educationally and mentally for upcoming exams you should also look at other ways to keep your brain active and motoring, and to look after your overall health. During times of stress, such as a busy exam period, it can be easy to forget to do the simple things that keep you healthy and alert.

Choose a Sporting Activity and Stick to It

It is highly recommended that we all perform regular exercise that brings us out in a sweat. Whether this is running, swimming, a team sport such as football or rugby, or any other type of physical activity, it is important to choose something you enjoy doing and that can help to keep you fit and healthy physically at a time when it is great to switch off from the pressures of exams and revision and take your eyes away from a computer screen. Going for a light jog is a much better use of downtime during exams, than sitting in front of the TV.

Create a Lifetime Hobby

Taking interest in a number of different activities will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life. As you are developing physically and mentally in your adolescence there are many different things you are capable of taking on. Try out different things and you could soon find yourself a hobby that will stay with you for life.

Improve Balance, Coordination and Social Skills

It is important for all of us to improve, as we grow older. Developing our balance and coordination might seem like something that is needed only in early childhood, but it is crucial to our development into adulthood. Improving your core strength, agility and balance will help children to become as healthy as possible as they move into adulthood. If you choose to take part in team sports it will also open up a whole world of possibilities, helping you to learn how to work within a team and to engage with others in a respectful and effective way.

Most of all, choosing to use sport as a way of staying fit and healthy in preparation for your exams is a sure-fire way to ensure that there is fun in your life at a time where there are many stresses and struggles relating to exams and schoolwork.

If you would like us to help take some of the load in terms of revision and specific exam preparation, contact The Education Centre Liverpool today and we’ll be happy to set you up for private tuition sessions that will make a real difference to your upcoming exams.

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