Use the World Cup to Your Advantage During Revision

WC2018Every two years there is a major summer football tournament. We all get very excited, looking forward to seeing the World’s best players (and England) over a month of glorious football. With the World Cup in Russia starting this month and running up to the middle of July, it also coincides with exam season. How can you balance revision with watching a lot of football to real success?

During the 2014 World Cup a study by the University of Bristol found that the average percentage-point increase in the number of school pupils attaining five good GCSE grades is 1.1 during years where there is a World Cup or European Championship, compared with 1.5 in years where there is no international summer football tournament.

It can be difficult to drag your children away from the TV screens and the magic of the World Cup if they have to revise for their exams. In these circumstances you should look to use the World Cup to your advantage as a parent.

One way that encourages children to really focus on their revision during GCSEs is to provide them with incentives, or to encourage them to build their own incentives into a revision schedule. Breaks are important to anyone during a stressful exam season as you need to recharge and switch off from work, in order to be fully awake and focused when it comes time to sitting and exam.

During the first two weeks of a World Cup there are three to four games a day, so there is plenty of incentive for your kids. Why not say that for every set amount of revision time completed, they can watch a full match. You can even help them draw up a revision schedule that is based around the World Cup, with revision breaks coming as the matches are on the telly.

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