Tips for the Last Few Days Before an Exam

ExamsDuring exam season it can all start to seem very real and we all panic that we’re not quite ready for the exam in front of us. Of course, if you’ve prepared well and you understand what is coming up you’ll be fine. It can’t help though to take on board a few last minute tips for revision and appraisal before you go into an exam.

Preparation is Key – Firstly it is important for you to understand how to revise properly for each specific exam. Look at the correct topics and leave yourself plenty of time to revise thoroughly and effectively, but at the last minute it is important to prepare for your exam in a more practical way. There may be things that you require during your exam, including specific student ID, registration card, a transparent pencil case and a number of pens to cover you during the exam.

Reminders – You’ll have revised thoroughly by this point, and you won’t have time to read back through long chunks of text. What you can do however, is use post-it notes, or little lines here and there to act as a reminder of key points that you are sure you’ll need to remember during your exam.

Quickly Run Over Exam Prep – Your school or college will most likely have provided you with resources that will help you during your exam period. This might include online portals where you can access secondary sources, information from specific lessons and lectures and mock exam questions.

Understand Your Technique – It is easy to understand might you head into an exam all guns blazing and try to get through it and finish as quickly as you can. Exam technique is as important as the revision that provides you the correct answers. Take your time and immediately read all the questions more than once and consider what it is the examiner is looking for from you. There might be different sections with a number of choices for you to make in terms of which questions you answer. Stay calm, read the instructions carefully to ensure you are not making a mistake by answer to few, too many, or the wrong questions.

Look After Your Health – In the build-up to a period of exams it is easy to let your health slip. Especially in the last few days before an exam you should take greater care to look after your health. Make sure you are sleeping long enough at night, stay hydrated and well fed and give your brain the best chance to perform at its best during the exam.

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