Tips to Kick Start Your School Year

Start going to bed earlierbigstock-illustration-with-back-to-scho-24994328
As horrible as it is, you have to face the fact that summer is officially over! This means early starts and busy routines so you need to start going to bed at a reasonable time. A full 8 hours sleep means you can make the most of your capabilities and be alert in class. You aren’t likely to learn anything when dozing your way through lessons!

Eat a decent breakfast

We know you’ve heard this so many times, but it is really important to kick start your body and have a healthy breakfast! Stay clear of sugary cereals and breakfast bars though, as chances are they will only fill you for an hour or so and then you’ll be starving way before lunch. Go for porridge and fruit, these foods release energy slowly which means you’re less likely to have a sugar slump.

Pick a resolution and stick to it

Is there something you’ve been meaning to start for a while now? It could be anything from playing an instrument to joining a sports team but now is the time to do it! Resolutions aren’t only for New Year, so make the most of this fresh start and work on your talents.

Get Organised

Stock up on new stationary and make sure you know your timetable; you don’t want to be late and attract the wrong attention! The more prepared you are, the more room you have to learn, your brain will feel jumbled if it is unorganised. You could print out extra copies of your timetable and stick them in the places you spend the most time e.g. on the fridge in the kitchen.

Seek extra help
Here at The Education Centre we know that not everyone can be brilliant at every subject. If you find you are struggling with anything from Maths to Spanish then you are likely to benefit from private tuition. Sometimes you may just need an extra bit of knowledge for certain exams or be finding it difficult to keep up in class. Either way, The Education Centre can help you on your way to success with the best tutors in town!

Reward yourself!
You already know you have to do your homework, but you should also make time to reward yourself. If you’ve made a real effort to do your work to the best possible standard, then you deserve to take time out and do something fun. Watch your favourite TV show, play some sports, read a book, or do whatever you love! School is important, but so are your own interests and hobbies.

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