Tips for Helping a Special Educational Needs Student to Focus and Prepare

Boy writing at school deskWhen it comes to helping a special educational needs student, there are a few tools and processes that come into play. At The Education Centre Liverpool, we have experience of assisting students in the Merseyside area in reaching their educational goals.

Here, we take a look at what can be done to increase the effectiveness of special educational needs students when it comes to learning at home with a private tutor.

Create a Specific Learning Area – One way to help a student maximise his or her potential is to create a space that is set aside for learning, with specific sections of an area made to help with the process. So you can create a desk in a quiet room, have to-do-stickers and folders set out, and storage solutions that are fun and easy to see and use.

Keep a Check List – Once the process of learning has started, break the time up into manageable chunks so your child understands that learning doesn’t have to take forever and be boring! Give your child a checklist, marking off each piece of assignment they finish, and reinforce deadlines and the habit of the checklist at every opportunity with colour coded boards in public spaces in the house, and regular verbal reminders.

Routine and Habit – A special educational needs student will thrive when provided with a structure and framework of learning and working. Create set hours for homework and private tuition sessions and always stick to them wherever possible. If your child knows that 5-6 pm on a Tuesday evening is a designated work session, it’ll be easier to stick to it in the long-term.

Reward Good Behaviour – This doesn’t necessarily have to be a treat or physical reward, but can always begin with a compliment and praise on completing a simple task at the start of a homework session. If your child understands that they will be rewarded for good work, hard work and a positive attitude, they are more likely to stick with the programme.

At The Education Centre Liverpool, we cater for students of all abilities, age ranges and requirements. If you would like to book a session with one of our private tutors to assist your child with special educational needs, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss in further detail with you. We can put together a bespoke educational plan and regular sessions that enhance the learning experience and really maximises your child’s potential. We look forward to learning with you.

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