Tips for Helping Your Child With Homework

It can be quite a chore making sure our kids do their homework, not only on time, but also to the best of their ability. Here we look at a few tips for parents, to help them keep their children on the straight and narrow when it comes to homework.

Mom And Child Doing Homework

Create and Stick to a Routine – For homework to be a success over the longer term it has to become part of the natural routine from day-to-day. Just as you’ll have a bath-time for your children, make a space for homework and eventually it won’t be seen as a chore. Make a calendar, with highlighted sections for different subjects and extra curricular activities, so the whole family understands what to expect.

Remove Distraction – It is easy for our children to become distracted when they should be doing their homework. There’s always music, videogames and television just a short walk away, and with mobile phones in the hands of most children it can be hard to stop them from chatting with their friends. Be forceful to make it a habit that no distractions are allowed.

Be a Helping Hand, but Not Too Helpful – There will be times where your child will need some assistance. Sit with them and be patient, staying positive and when they really need it try to explain difficult answers without serving it to them on a plate. Provide them with examples of how they could solve the problem they face and encourage them to research and build a thirst for knowledge that make them better at homework without the need for help in future.

Set Up a Dedicated Area – To perform to the best of their ability a child needs a dedicated area to study and complete homework. Working from the sofa or the dinner table won’t be the best thing for them, giving them the chance to be easily distracted by the television or by other people. A desk can be set up with pens, paper, a dictionary and other relevant reading material that will be of use.

Allow Set Breaks – If the homework session is long enough it makes sense to allow for breaks. Adults and children alike should take a break when work is long. It keeps concentration higher and gives you a chance to have a quick chat with them whilst they have a drink and a snack, to talk about anything other than their homework.

If you would like the assistance of a private tutor to help your child with their study at home and to set up a homework schedule that gets the best out of them, contact The Education Centre today. We have a wealth of experienced and knowledgeable private tutors in the Liverpool area that can help you keep your child’s focus on their homework. We look forward to helping you, help them to learn.

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