The Importance of Your GCSEs

gcse, 3D rendering, glowing yellow traffic signIf you are studying for your GCSEs it can be a hard and long two years to fulfill your dreams and wishes in terms of grades. Putting the hard work and hours in the classroom is one thing, but to achieve high grades you need to work hard at your coursework, homework, prepare well and accurately for exams and maybe even take on board advice from a private tutor in the process. Here are a few reasons your GCSEs are more important than you might think when you first start studying for them.

Your Grades at GCSE Choose your Sixth Form Course

Whether you are intending on attending sixth form at the school you currently learn at, or you wish to go to a separate sixth form college, your GCSE results will form a central importance as to your acceptance into your first choice. All colleges will look at your results over time and they will only accept you if you are likely to fulfill their criteria and add to their own exam results as a whole college.

Type of Course You Can Take Next

You might want to take an A-Level in a subject you love but don’t have the grades currently in order to be accepted in either a college that teaches that course, or on the course itself. Your GCSE results are important; as they are an indicator of the type of course you are likely to be accepted on next. It might be an indicator that you are more suited to a more hands-on style of learning such as a BTEC.

Basic Requirements for University Applications

Of course, most University courses will be looking at your performance in related courses that you take at A-Level, and not at GCSE. One thing that often gets overlooked, however, is that there is a basic requirements on most University courses for a C in English, Maths or Sciences at GCSE, depending on the type of course that you are applying to be a part of. You can offset poor GCSE grades with AS-Levels but putting the hard work in now to achieve as high a grade in GCSE as you can, will stand you in good stead as University’s will look at your entire academic history to determine whether you are the right student for them.

Have an Impact on Your Career Choice

In the short-term for part-time work or when you first start out in your career, the higher your grades at GCSE, the better your CV will look, that’s a given. It won’t prevent you having the career that you want, but it will slow it down at the beginning. The same for very specific career choices, where you’ll be expected to have a minimum grade in subjects relating to that industry before you can even get to the interview stage.

If you wish to give your chances of good grades at GCSE a boost, it can’t hurt to have the help of a private tutor on the subjects you require some assistance with. At The Education Centre we offer help with private tuition in the Liverpool area for GCSE students. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to set up your first session.

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