The Benefits of Learning Outside of the Traditional Educational Arena

Standardised learning is essential for a national education system, but it does present some problems in the way certain children learn. Each child is different and one child who responds badly to standardised teaching, might find relief in being taught in smaller group settings or individually. Private tuition can offer a different strand of teaching, away from the standardised model of education, offering a great boost to those children who struggle in a traditional school setting.

Alternative Teaching Methods Different People Matching Three Puzzle Pieces

Teaching in school is mostly out of a textbook, though we appreciate a lot of it builds confidence in group discussion and practical elements of learning. Those advantages aside, a private tutor can offer something different. Not only will your child benefit from their specific experience and knowledge within a certain subject that they might be struggling with, but also from a variety of teaching methods. Tutors can bring into play modern day technology, such as Apps, that students might not have access to in school. They can use texts and sources of information that are not available via standardised learning as a way of broadening the student’s research patterns.

Lengthier Discussion

One of the major benefits of hiring a private tutor is that students can ask for help on tiny and specific details regarding certain subjects and topics without worrying. In a classroom, there is only so long a teacher can remain on one topic, as there has to be a constant moving forward to ‘get through’ everything they have set targets for. A private tutor can sit with a student and have lengthy discussions about subjects that just isn’t possible in a larger group of students in a traditional setting. This benefits the student and allows them to develop their own way of thinking about a subject without fear of being rushed.

If you are worried that your child is not responding well to traditional teaching methods, why not take the step of hiring a private tutor. This approach can add to what is being taught in schools and provide a different mind-set and way of thinking that will be invaluable to your child as they grow older. By learning from a variety of teaching methods and thinking in a number of different ways, your child will be in a much stronger position when it comes time to take their GCSEs, A Levels and further on in their life with their career choices. Give The Education Centre a call and we will be more than happy to provide advice on which type of tutor is best for you child in terms of helping them develop with a different style of teaching than the large classrooms of a traditional school.

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