Let’s hear what some of our former students, parents and partners say.

‘Claire, David was a brilliant tutor. Thank you to you and Jason for facilitating the tuition. Was well worth it. Kind regards ‘

Jeanette (Aug 2019)

‘Please pass on to Pete and Roger how well Sophie did her her exams- she got 88 in Science and 6 in French and that’s definitely because of their input. Her original target grade was 5 and aspirational 6, so I’m delighted. ‘

Esme (Aug 2019)

‘We feel Ruby has benefited so much from the sessions and is now at a level that she can do her best in her SATS and starting secondary school in September. Just wanted to say that Aoife has been a fantastic tutor for Ruby. Ruby’s confidence in maths has grown considerably and we can’t believe the difference in her approach to maths and how much she’s improved with hard work and Aoife’s help. Aoife has been friendly, professional and reliable…we will miss seeing her each Tuesday! Thanks again for everything.’

Emma (March 2019)

‘Hi John it’s Alex. Hope you had a great 2018 and have a better 2019 and I’d like to say thanks for inspiring and nurturing my love for Maths. I don’t think I would of got a 9 without you and you were a big reason for me picking Further Maths. I appreciate everything you did for us before our exams and I absolutely loved Maths with you, you’re a great tutor and I know you’ll help many more get 9s!!😊👍 ‘

Alex (December 2018)

Please pass on my ongoing gratitude to Pete for the tutor sessions. Sophie did very well in a mock and I am sure that he played a big role, giving her valuable advice, going over concepts and generally motivating her to do even more revision for Science.’

Esmé (November 2018)

‘I would also like to thank you for the continued support and reliable service you have provided for both of my daughters for the last 6/7 years (time really does fly!). Abbie and Lucy have really benefited from all the support from your company and we have always had the peace of mind that the girls will be tutored by professional, caring people who we have grown to know them (and their weaknesses and be able to address this).’

Michelle (June 2018)

‘English was a difficult subject for my daughter due to lack of confidence .
We went to the education centre and met Alison, I was completely distraught feeling helpless (even cried)
Alison and my daughter have worked hard together. Thanks to Alison Poppy has just confidently sat her GCSEs and even thinking about A level English Lit.
Thank you Alison you know how much all your support has meant to us.’

Paula Fisher (July 2017)

‘I cannot recommend Aoife enough, she has truly been amazing with Freya and I have seen Freya improve week by week. Freya has worked with tutors before yet I’ve never witnessed such improvement then I have with Aoife. I will be wanting to resume again in September, hopefully with Aoife.

Thank you for providing such an amazing tutor!

Kind regards’

Michelle Robinson (May 2017)

‘Although number one son was unsuccessful in the Bluecoat exam, I was so impressed with the improvements that Ashley, our tutor since December 2015 brought about with his literacy, that I decided to continue the sessions long after the exam was over. Ashley has a lovely, engaging, but no-nonsense manner that really got through to my boy in a way that I could not myself. She quite literally transformed the quality of the creative writing that he produces and has had some really smart ideas about how to improve his comprehension skills.
Happy to be contacted via Jason to discuss our experience.’

AO (January 2017)

‘Hi Jason
Matthew had his final session with Joe tonight, so just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for all of the hard work and support that we’ve had from Joe. Matthew has learnt so much and the work with Joe has been invaluable. But more than that, we all looked forward to Joe’s visits and feel very lucky to have had Joe as our tutor.

Lisa Marshall (September 2016)

‘I would like to thank Jason and his team for all the help over the past 4 years. I have used tutors from The Education Centre for my GCSEs and A Levels and all of them have been incredibly helpful. The tutors helped me with exam technique and built up my confidence. With their help and support, I have just received an offer for The University of Liverpool to study Law.
Thanks for all the help and support over the years.’

Justin Walker – Student (August 2016)

‘David is preparing my son Nicky for his GCSE 3 years ahead of the national school requirements! David is a brilliant tutor. His explanations are thorough and great! His teaching is a genuine help and provides clarity on certain issues. My son Nicky and us are very happy with this experience and would be glad to ask for David’s services again!
Kind regards,’

Nicky and his Mum & Dad (July 2016)

‘The tuition from Rea was like having ‘window wipers removing the mist’ for Sophie!’

Linda (May 2016)

‘Just to let you know Ben came 2nd in St Margaret’s exam and got group A for Bluecoat, so very pleased!
Thank you for the tuition support he got. He didn’t like those mocks but I think they really helped with learning to pace himself.’ 

All the best,

Kate (October 2015)

Flora really looked forward to her coaching sessions each week with Bec, and with Bec’s careful and meticulous work was really well prepared for the exam season.’ 

Very best wishes

Dan (November 2013)

‘Thanks so much for your help over the last few months – my son passed the Bluecoat exam and came first out of 270 boys in the St Margaret’s exam, so we were delighted. You helped to plug the gaps in the topics which aren’t taught at school until year 6 but which came up in the exams. In addition, as a result of doing the practice papers with you, my son knew what to expect on the day, how to approach the questions and how to pace himself. One of the most important things for us was that he was very happy to go along to the sessions each week due to your kind, patient and supportive approach.’
Best wishes
Sarah (November 2013)

‘Just wanted to let you know I had “the email” today and Megan was placed in Group A, thank you for giving her the confidence and extra skills to be able to cope so well with the entrance exam. I am sure that the tutoring she received will stand her in good stead for her last year at primary school especially with her SATS next year.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the Education Centre, if I know of anybody who is looking for a tutor.  It says a lot when Megan gave Beck a hug when it was time to say goodbye.’

Kind Regards

Denise (October 2013)

‘I just wanted to email you and let you know that I got ABB in my results and a B in English! I move to London to study English and film studies at Queen Mary University of London in 3 weeks! Thank you for all of your help I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! You gave me the confidence boost I needed at such an important time in my life and I will never forget that!’

Georgia (August 2013)

‘Even though I receive regular dyslexic tutoring, I feel the help I received at the centre enabled me to develop my general knowledge of the English language. Rather than just a “quick-fix approach” to helping me pass my exam, the tutoring has given the skills and knowledge to be more literate in every day English and help me in both my career and general day to day work.’

Jessica (August 2013)

‘My son Samuel used the expertise of the Education Centre teaching staff in preparation for his chosen route to study at college in the USA .  The Education centre proved flexible in its teaching approach and focused on the key areas required for Samuel to pass his American SAT exams. Thanks to the Education Centre Samuel is now a full time student at State University of New York Adirondack reading for a degree in Liberal arts. He also won a soccer scholarship to join the University team playing in the Mountain Valley Conference, New York.’

Mr J. Kersh (September 2013)

‘I was just writing to you to thank you for the support you have given me in order to achieve good gcse results. I came out with 3 A* 3 A’s and 3 B’s.  Would you thank Peter for helping me achieve an A in chemistry and an A* in both physics and biology. Without him and his support along with the support of the centre I would never of been able to achieve those grades and fulfil my hopes in doing all three sciences at a level along with economics.  Thank you for everything you did for me.’

Charlotte (August 2013)

‘Wanted to thank Dr. Ahmed who gave Rachel private tuition in March and April. Rachel received an A* with full UMS in her unit 3 physics Dr. Ahmed helped her with.’

Mrs Cook (August 2013)

‘We like the flexibility that The Education Centre offers us and as a school we have utilised their staff not only to deliver our tuition but for intervention sessions to boost our GCSE and A level students results.  Their staff are extremely professional and reliable and I will continue to utilise them as much as possible in the future.’

Paul McMenamin – Assistant Headteacher
Bellerive FCJ Catholic College (2012)