How to Tackle the Easter Period Effectively

Easter-EggsWith Easter fast approaching it is the perfect time to relax and unwind with your family. Make the most of the long Easter weekend together, and allow your children some slack when it comes to homework and revision, but always have in mind that if your children are at an age where exams are coming very soon, the Easter period is the perfect time for them step up through the gears without it feeling like a challenger.

Setting up the framework of revision from Easter onwards allows for enough time to iron out any kinks in the revision timetable and fill in any knowledge blanks, without having to worry about cramming close to exam time due to a lack of preparation.

Plan a Schedule and Stick to It! – Over the Easter period have a set number of revision and private tuition sessions on the calendar. Work out plans so that there is plenty of time spent with family and friends, but always stick to the revision framework. Getting into the habit as early as possible is important as it builds the work ethic that will help a successful tilt at exams when the time comes.

Plenty of Testing – In order to retain the information you are revising it is important to be thorough. Your private tutor can help you with specific memory and revision techniques, but in basic terms make sure to thoroughly read the information at your disposal, memorise that content and then test yourself. Going through the motions of this process multiple times will help you to build a good and clear memory of the information you will need for the exams.

Create a Dedicated Area for Revision – To be as effective as possible at revision it is vital that there are as few distractions as possible. Different techniques work for different people; so if you require a completely silent place, find a quiet corner at home to set up a desk to work from. Whatever makes you most comfortable and in the right conditions to learn should be put in place.

Practice in Exam Style Conditions – If you expect that an exam will be long, and consist mostly of written essays, practice those conditions. Being under the clock during revision time will help you to get in shape mentally, and work towards a restricted timeframe. This mind-set could be vital preparation when the time comes to sit down at your exam desk and see the clock start to tick.

Have Fun – Most important of all over this coming Easter break is to have fun. Although we recommend all of the above, as well as hiring a private tutor for help with the more specific aspects of your revision, it is vital that you relax, spend time doing the things that you enjoy and rest. Without that you’ll arrive at your exams stressed, tired and unable to fully focus.

The Education Centre Liverpool offers a wide and varied range of private tuition options, and for students from primary school age, right the way through to higher education and even professional entry examinations. To find the right private tutor for you in Merseyside give our team a call today and we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting with you to figure out the best approach for you or your child. Easter is a time to relax with family, but could also be the building blocks for a successful end to the educational year.

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