Sticking to a Schedule – The Importance of Routine

If a student is struggling to keep up with their schoolwork, a great way to get back on track is to set up a schedule of home schooling and revision, and make sure that they stick to it. A regular schedule can be enhanced by the addition of private tutors, helping the students make the most of their lessons each week. This way, a string of incremental improvements can be made week upon week until an overall improvement in their studies has been achieved.

Maintenance is Easier than Repairs people, time management and children concept - smiling girl hold

With anything in life it is much easier to build solid foundations and provide regular maintenance than it is to fully repair something. If your child is struggling at school and has fallen behind with their work then it will be harder to claw that back. It is something that private tutoring can help with, but it is better to be in a position of strength from the outset. A regular schedule with a tutor will ensure that schoolwork is kept up to date and built upon, rather than a student always playing catch-up after falling behind.

Commitment Works Both Ways

Not only does sticking to a regular private tutoring schedule work in terms of the specifics of learning for the student, it also shows commitment from the tutor. We know that a student is more likely to succeed if they have a respect for the person teaching them and by sticking to a regular schedule of tutor sessions, a student will see first hand how much their progress matters to the tutor, and in turn are more likely to stick to the schedule.

More Time = Greater Understanding

As with anything relating to education, the more time you spend reading about a topic or discussing it, the greater your understanding becomes. By sticking to a regular schedule with a private tutor, a student is broadening their scope and understanding of subjects that they might only have understood on a basic level, or not at all, in the classroom when first taught it. A tutor can offer a different approach to the subject to try and find the best way to explain it to a specific individual. Something that just isn’t possible in a classroom situation, where there are plenty of other students to cater for.

At the Education Centre we understand the importance of a routine when it comes to schooling. By putting together a regular structure of private tutoring in the subjects your child needs assistance with is important to helping them achieve their grade goals. If you want to find out how we can help, please contact us today and we can set up a regular private tutoring schedule for your child and help them maximise their learning potential!

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