Signs Your Child Might Benefit from Private Tuition

A frustrated upset child or child with learning difficulties.If you’ve been thinking about hiring a private tutor for your child there are a few hints that it is the right choice to make. Private tuition isn’t for everyone, but it does have real benefits, especially if you have noticed some of the following in relation to your child.

Their Grades are Falling – One of the biggest pointers that your child is in need of some extra help with their schooling is that their grades have started to fall significantly over a period of time. If they perform badly in one test, exam or piece of homework, it really isn’t the end of the world; we all have a bad day at the office. It’s when you start to see a pattern of bad results that you should start to worry. It could be happening for a number of reasons, such as unhappiness with their school, teachers, classmates, or they might be a victim of bullying. If it is none of these things after careful consideration, a private tutor could be the one-on-one learning solution.

Homework is a Real Struggle – If your child is always extra stubborn about not doing their homework it might be more than them just being like every child and looking to have fun instead of working after school. If they take ages to complete certain types of homework, it might be because they are really struggling with that particular subject and require some extra assistance.

Bored of School – Sometimes the brightest of children require some extra assistance too. Your child might not be getting bad grades and exam results but they are clearly bored and unmotivated in the classroom, or they lack the confidence to express themselves vocally in a group situation, even though their results speak volumes for their abilities. In these cases a private tutor might reinvigorate their interest in learning, or show them new ways to analyse a subject and gain confidence in their ability to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways.

Confidence and Anxiety – Pressures to perform are constant from a young age in the education system in the UK these days. Test and exam results seem to be given importance from the start of schooling until University age and it is understandable that certain children will feel the pressure more than others. Bringing about anxiety and a lack of confidence isn’t a good sign for the human development of your child; a private tutor can help them in a calm and compassionate environment of one-on-one learning.

If you’d like to find out more about how a Liverpool based private tutor can help your child improve their grades, whilst increasing their interest and enjoyment for learning, give us a call today. The Education Centre has a wide range of fully qualified private tutors in the Merseyside area, all with different specialities that can bring the best out of your child, no matter what your circumstances, budget or goals are.

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