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For GCSE revision or support for AQA poetry, the following books provide very useful explanations and analysis of each poem. They also give advice for how to answer exam questions, with modelled examples.
•    Phillip Allan Literature Guide for GCSE: AQA Anthology Moon on the Tides – Conflict and Relationships.
•    Phillip Allan Literature Guide for GCSE: AQA Anthology Moon on the Tides – Character and Voice, and Place.

For further support with AQA Poetry – Relationships, there is an excellent teacher (Mr Bruff) who puts top grade videos on Youtube on each of the poems. He gives step-by-step analysis of each poem and explains how to get a top grade. See, for example this video on Sonnet 116′ by William Shakespeare.

Mr Bruff also puts excellent videos on various areas of the GCSE course, such as on how to answer specific questions on the exam papers. See, for example, GCSE English Higher Tier Sample Answer: Question 5.

For support with studying particular novels, there are a range of study books available. York Notes are a very popular and provide study guides on most novels commonly taught for GCSE and A Level. They can be found in shops such as Smiths, Waterstones etc. and also online at Amazon.

For those studying the WJEC course, there are study books available to buy here.

For support with English in a variety of areas and through various ages, there are a mind-boggling number of practice and study support books available in shops such as Smiths, Waterstones etc. It can be hard to decide which books will be the most help and some can be quite confusing in their layout. To choose the best one for your needs, we would recommend that you look at the books available and select the one that matches the area of study that you need, but also that seems easiest to follow and which offers clear guidance. You might also want to consider, does it provide answers to any questions set?