Put the Kids in Charge of the Summer Holidays!

Paper card with ship, sun, sea. I love summer. Kids summer camp idea for crafts and activity. Inspiration for children of all ages. Paper art children project. Scissors, glue stick. Wooden backgroundWhen the summer holidays come around it can be difficult as a parent to know how to manage the time effectively, to stop your children getting bored and unruly! There are a few ways in which you can help give children a chance to create their own summer schedule, keeping things fun for them, for the family, whilst you keep an eye on their safety at all times.


One of the best ways in which you can keep your children entertained, and give them the illusion that they are in control is to allow them to choose their own schedule, within certain boundaries that you have set. We all want our children to be independent thinkers as they grow older and this is a fantastic way in which to enhance this side of their development.


Encourage them to pursue the things they are passionate about, whether that is sport, science, reading, cooking. Letting your child explore the things they enjoy can be really fulfilling, and allow them to discover new things in the process as they dig deeper into the thing they love. They could nurture a life-long love of team sports, or stamp collecting, walking in nature or baking at home. Whatever it is, encourage it, give them the chance to create mistakes and learn new things on their own, and most of all, to do it all with love and compassion.


Another way to develop your relationship with your children and to give them a greater enjoyment of their summer holidays is to allow them to choose where you go on a day trip or short holiday, if you have a few choices in mind. Of course, this always has to be within reason, but it can give your kids the chance to research a few different day trips and come up with directions, activities to do and how best to pack, eat throughout the day. This is a fantastic way to give the kids a project to work on and to enhance their research skills, which will come in handy in their schooling and beyond.


A bit of give and take is important within the family dynamic. If you have given your children the power to dictate certain things that they enjoy doing over the summer months, you can use that as incentive when it comes to schooling. Throughout the summer it is hard to get your children to take part in homework or keep on top of subjects they struggle with, but it can be important so they do not fall behind their schedule. Make time for a weekly revision session, or utilise qualified teachers as private tutors during summertime, you won’t be disappointed in the long-term and your kids will have something to look forward to if they put in the hard work week to week.


At The Education Centre Liverpool we understand how difficult it is to keep children active during summer, and how to keep their focus at the right times when it comes to study. We have a wide range of fully qualified private tutors in the Merseyside area, who can help you and your child on a regular basis throughout the summer holidays, or as a way of getting ready for the new term. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to set up a schedule bespoke to your child.

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