Pros and Cons of investing in a Private Tutor for the New Term

New-Year---On-Blackboard-54777026The first term of the school year is coming to a close and although all the festivities are in full swing at the moment, the time will come when you need to think about the new term. It may seem hard now to think that far ahead but January is when things start getting tough for older kids, with exams and coursework, and some of them may need a little bit of extra support.

Private tutoring gives your child a chance to focus on the subject or area they find most difficult and bring it up to scratch with their other subjects. It’s not all about achievement however and a tutor can help raise confidence and help your child find a talent they didn’t know they had. Below we’re looking at the pros and cons of investing in a personal tutor for the new term in January.


One of the main drawbacks of personal tutoring is the expense but there are options for various budgets. Even if only one or two sessions are booked they could make a difference to your child’s understanding of a difficult subject.

If approached in the wrong way private tutoring can also put unnecessary pressure on children. Some children may take it to mean you don’t think they’re working hard enough so you need to assure them it’s simply an extra push for their own good.

The final slight issue you could be worried about by hiring a private tutor is safety – although ensuring you hire a tutor who has been thoroughly vetted and has references and can provide DBS/CRB checks. Your peace of mind should be kept intact with these measures and you can of course be present when tutoring sessions take place if you choose to arrange them at your home.


There are of course many more advantages than disadvantages to private tutoring in our opinion. Tutoring gives your children some much needed attention, from an educational perspective. It’s very hard for 21st century class teachers to dedicate enough time to each pupil and this experience may be enough to help your child learn in their own individual way.

Private tutors can also use this time to recognise any specific obstacles to learning your child has. Sometimes simply recognising an obstacle and working around it can be enough to open up the whole world of learning to your child.

Another huge bonus of choosing to work with a private tutor is that they can pace the workload to challenge your child without overwhelming them or conversely leaving them bored. Everyone works at a different pace and it may not always be possible in the school environment to work at the pace best for your child. A private tutor can take their time over problem areas and allow your child to reach a full understanding without slowing up the whole class, something many children are self-conscious about.

Although January may seem a long time away at the moment it will soon creep up on us and you may want to consider private tutoring to help your child through the next, important term.

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