Private Tutoring at Primary School Age

Kids at Primary School age are at a stage when they soak up everything! It is a beautiful time in your child’s life, and though the emphasis should be on allowing them to focus on having fun, developing their own relationships with other children and their teachers, and learning at their own pace, hiring a private tutor to help them with the fundamental skillsets that will set them up for life is a good option to have.

Have Fun with Your Kids as you Learn! A boy doing experiments in the laboratory. Explosion in the labo

It is often said that the brain of a child is like a sponge, soaking up every bit of information around them, learning from the behaviours of their parents, friends and teachers. It is an important time for the development of life skills as well as for their abilities to comprehend and succeed within education. Think about how you like to learn as an adult, and how best you responded when younger. If you had respect for a certain teacher and they taught you in a fun and interesting way, you were more likely to take an interest and focus in that class, right? For kids, all they want to do is have fun, so think of ways in which you can enhance their learning in a fun and creative way. Private tutors can help boost your child’s basic numeracy and literacy by creating regular sessions that are fun and fully engaging for your little one!

Create a Bespoke Set of Private Lessons for Your Child

Private tutoring for a child of primary school age should be regular in terms of their occurrence but fun and more fluid than you would expect for older children of secondary school age. There is usually a combination of literacy and numeracy, the basic skills that all children should learn from a young age, but it is down to you as the parent to decide which subjects and topics your child will most benefit from a little help with. On top of the basics there are also extra curricular activities that can broaden the imagination and skill set of a child from a young age. Music lessons can develop a skill for different instruments and indulge their creativity, team sports promotes team ethics and hard work for the greater good. Whatever you are doing to help your child grow from a young age, make it fun, they are more likely to enjoy themselves and absorb everything around them. There is nothing better than seeing a big smile on the face of your little person!

If you are looking for a private tutor for your child (or children) who is at Primary School age we have a range of available tutors here at The Education Centre. Our tutors are all from the Liverpool area and are available for regular sessions that fit in with your schedule. They are friendly, approachable and have the skills to help your children keep up with, or stay ahead of the basic subjects that matter most at a young age. Offering a mixture of numeracy and literacy, you can set the tone and choose exactly what your child is being taught with regular weekly sessions with a private tutor. Of course, we can guide and advise as to what we think is most suitable to your child specifically. Give us a call today and set your child on the right path with a private tutor to boost their education at a young age.

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