Private Tuition Offers a High Standard of Teaching

Studying ChildIn recent years there has been a rise in the number of teachers turning away from full-time employment within schools or looking to supplement their income with a project on the side. For an organisation that provides private tuition, such as The Education Centre Liverpool, we are always looking to add those with the highest levels of education, integrity, passion for knowledge and teaching, and qualifications to our ranks.

In the UK about a quarter of all children have had some form of private tuition and it is this demand, coupled with other factors, that has seen an increase in the numbers of qualified teachers turning their backs on working in schools and looking towards private tuition as a way of making a life. 43% of teachers from state schools in England plan to leave the profession within 5 years due to the increased demands and stretching of budgets that only looks like it is going to continue into the next decade. These were the findings in a Guardian poll conducted in 2016 and go to show the extent to which there is disappointment in the government and the overall running of the education system in this country.

What it does do however is enrich the private tuition sector. The more highly qualified teachers there are looking to move into this sector, the easier it will be for standards to escalate and for your children to receive the best private tuition possible.

We are always looking to add quality to our ranks, and if the school system isn’t enticing student teachers to a long career in the classroom, we want to make sure that we can benefit from that level of qualification, passion for teaching and the skills that will help the children that we teach privately on a regular basis.

The situation has to be comfortable and progressive for not only the families and children that benefit from our service, but also the private tutors that we hire, in order to bring together a fertile ground for long-term education.

The Education Centre Liverpool has a wide range of private tutors ready to help you and your children in the Merseyside area. Private tuition is a great way to complement the education provision your child is already receiving, and with so many highly qualified teachers turning to private tuition, you can be assured that this knowledge will be of great use to your family. Contact us today to book your first session, we are here to help educate the next generation.

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