How Private Tuition Can Help Your Child to Relax

child relaxing in a hammockSometimes we all need that little bit of extra help from someone outside of our immediate circle of family and friends. If your child is struggling a little in school, quite often it can be down to a lack of calm and relaxation in the classroom. There can be many factors that contribute to a student being stiff, awkward and unwilling to answer questions and speak his or her mind in a classroom setting.

Private tuition can help to take away these layers of discomfort and help a student find their voice and confidence. Here are a few reasons how we believe a private tutor can help you unlock your learning potential.

Remove the Fear of Peer Pressure – One of the reasons less-confident children struggle to speak up in the classroom is that they are afraid of what their peers will say. Especially during teenage years, the worry of being laughed at can cause a child to just withdraw into his or her shell, rather than take a chance and speak confidently in a classroom scenario. Hiring a private tutor allows a child to explore learning and knowledge without the pressure of having 30-odd peers surrounding them and waiting to pounce on any mistake. It enables a learning of a useful habit, to think and speak thoughtfully and proactively, utilising the information that has been gleaned from that particular session. Once a confidence and an ability to relax have been built it is more likely to translate to the original setting.

Provide Time to Think – Another problem in the classroom is that there just isn’t enough time. A teacher has many different students to take care of and a long list of topics to work through within a short space of time. For some students this is problematic and a private tuition session can help to cut through the mud. It allows a student to sit back, relax and carefully think through a topic without being rushed and panicked (as is so often the case in the classroom).

Encourage Explorative Learning – A private tutor can help a student to set up processes that encourage free thought and a love of learning that engages the brain to explore deeper and further into certain topics of interest. Rather than supplying a short-term fix to an immediate problem it relaxes the student and helps them to build a way of learning that will help them throughout education and into adult working life.

If you would like to arrange for a private tutor to help your child become a bit more relaxed in the classroom, and learn how to maximise both results from and the enjoyment of learning, contact The Education Centre Liverpool today. We have a team of highly qualified and highly skilled private tutors in the Merseyside area that are ready to help. With tutors capable of helping primary school children with the basics, secondary school children with preparation for GCSE and A-Level exams and higher education help, we are a leader in private tuition in Liverpool.

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