How Private Tuition Can Help a Child in the Classroom

group-of-school-kids-with-teacher-sitting-in-classroom-and-raising-handsPrivate tuition can often be used as a last resort, or a stopgap to help students who are struggling in certain areas or have an exam coming up that they wish to cram for. There are a variety of valid reasons why hiring a private tutor is a good idea, but when working to its full potential it can be a great tool to complement work already taking place in the classroom, helping children (and older students) to really fulfill their potential. Here we take a look at how private tuition can be best used.

Catch Up with the Pack – Some students struggle with certain subjects. We are all different, with differing interests and various skills and if a student is struggling to keep up with the majority of the class in a single topic, such as Maths for instance, then hiring a private tutor to help them work on Maths as a topic and specific tasks from their schoolwork, is a great way to help catch up and be on a level playing field with everyone else in the class.

Push Students Further – For more gifted students work in the classroom might come easily to them. There is some great benefit to having extra time as a student that would otherwise be used to keep up to date with the rest of the class. This additional time can be used to stretch students to think in a different way, to look at ideas from a different angle and start to prepare for the next phase of education.

Learn How to Study – There is a skill to studying that is different from being able to soak up knowledge. A private tutor can help a student learn how to not only take in the information they are being provided in school, but then how to maintain that information and learn how to use that information in different platforms of study, from coursework to examinations, and for GCSE to A-Level and on to higher education.

A Different Way to Study – Some children love to learn but might find more traditional, classroom forms of teaching a struggle or restrictive. Hiring a private tutor allows students to explore different teaching methods and find the best approach for an individual type of learning. A more informal approach to study, which private tuition lends itself to, might be a better way to maximise learning for many students.

The Education Centre Liverpool is famed for our ability to match private tutors with students perfectly. If you would like to complement the work your child is performing in the classroom, with a tutor who can help them maximise his or her potential, contact us today. We provide a wide-ranging private tuition service in the Liverpool and wider Merseyside area.

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