Private Tuition as an Alternate Form of Teaching

Community IdeasThere is often a fear attached to study, from teachers worried about hitting the numbers policy makers and head teachers ask of them, parents wanting the best for their children as they grow up, and most importantly on children themselves to make the grades with all of the pressure surrounding them. Private tuition is an aid to make grades, or spruce up on a subject your child might be a little weaker on, but it doesn’t have to just be about that. An alternate way of looking at education, treating your child with respect and helping them understand that education and knowledge is a powerful and fun thing to focus on is just as important.

Everyday Schooling Remains Stuck in a Rut

One of the biggest problems facing education today is that it feels similar to when our generation was in school. Sure, technology improves, but the bare bones of school life continue to look the same. Classes are rigid, as you move from maths to English, biology to PE, there are very few schools who have tinkered with this standard and tried to introduce more free flowing schooling. In this respect it is hard to see where progress is being made, with teachers thinking about their jobs and targets a lot of the time, rather than focusing on the development of their class, or individuals within their class.

The curriculum changes over the years, but again, often this causes bureaucratic problems, brought on by change from above. Governments will propose change in education (and other sectors of life) to gain power, causing a lack of continuity and a real schedule of progress over the years within the education sector. The focus has definitely shifted towards hitting targets rather than educating young people.

Private Tuition can Trigger a Spark

When your school day is rigid and all about attaining better marks, a different approach can really open up your mind. Granted, the reasons behind wanting to hire a private tutor might be to achieve better grades, or prepare you for the next step in your educational journey, but the way you go about it has the potential to be so different to school.

You can choose to work alongside a tutor who you have respect for, will get the best out of you and understands how you work. The way the private tuition is structured, and the ways in which your tutor decides to teach you, are very much up for debate. This is fantastic when compared to traditional schooling, as it means that you can discover new ways to think about topics and subjects, rather than the textbook approach or being spoon-fed answers to ensure targets are met, which might be the case at times in schools.

At the Education Centre we have a wealth of experienced private tutors in the Liverpool area, willing to offer insight and expertise, but not always in the traditional way that you’d expect. If you would like to give your child the chance to learn in an environment which is welcoming, open, honest and loving, give us a call and we’ll be able to arrange a session.

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