Preparing for Adulthood – How Private Tutoring can Help

We all remember our exams at school, the stress and the worry about how we would be able to remember all of those facts and figures and work to such a tight schedule. In many ways your GCSEs and later on your A-Levels are the first times in your life when you have to effectively manage your own time, balancing a number of things at one time.

Managing your Time Effectively Work Life Balance

As adults we are used to having to balance every aspect of our lives on a day-to-day basis. Whatever line of work you are in, you will have pressures at work and at home, as well as social lives and family commitments to balance and ensure your friends, family, colleagues and bosses are happy, not to mention most importantly yourself!

As a child, even in school for the first few years, you are spoon-fed a lot of what keeps you moving forward. That is until you reach the stresses of your exams and coursework during the GCSE period. For many children it is the first time in their lives that they will have to help themselves a bit more and manage the many topics of schoolwork that demand regular revision, keep on top of coursework, as well as adding in the commitments to family, part-time work, and the romance that every teenager goes through during this period. Those who manage their time effectively and have a plan in place, are more likely to be successful not only now, but also to have the coping mechanisms that will stand them in good stead for adult life where these types of stresses and strains are apparent consistently.

Meeting Deadlines and Remaining Consistent

Consistency is an important word to think about. In this crucial period of GCSEs your child will have to deliver consistent results in coursework and examinations in order to gain the results you are asking of them. There are also tight deadlines to consider, for individual papers and when considering revision timetables in the run up to exam time.

This will become a theme as your child moves into their adult life. To be successful in their choice of career, consistency will be key. On a daily, weekly and monthly basis, any profession has deadlines to meet, and throughout your quality levels cannot drop. To grow as a human in whatever you choose to do you have to keep moving forward, and by hiring a private tutor to help your child now during their GCSEs, you are helping them understand and appreciate that in future they will have to develop their own strategies to deliver consistent quality in whatever they do, whilst often having to meet tight deadlines imposed by others.

If you are worried about how your child will cope with their exams, hiring a private tutor is a great way to help them keep on top of their workload. Making time for a tutor on a regular basis, whether weekly or more so, is a great way to teach them how to manage their time as they move forward into adulthood, as we all know how schooling as a late teen is a good rehearsal for adulthood and working life.

The Education Centre has a wide range of private tutors available in the Liverpool area. No matter which subjects your child requires assistance with we have the right tutor for you. We match tutors and their students based on their specific experience, knowledge and the needs of the specific needs of the student. We feel private tutoring is a fantastic way to learn tricks and skills that will set your child up for success in their future lives as they move into adulthood. To find out more please contact us today and we’d be happy to set up a first private tutoring session.

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