Parents Advice on Assisting Your Teenager With Their University Application

Get yourself ready for some tough times when your teenager has to decide on whether or not to go to univetwo stacks of books with a univeristy cap on toprsity. Your advice will only have a 50% chance of sinking in, no matter how valuable it may have been; so patience is vital. If you went to university yourself then keep in mind that things are very different nowadays for various reasons.

Firstly you must ensure your teenager understands that by not going to university they would be squandering the chance to live independently but within a safe environment.  Also they could miss out on meeting a whole range of new people that they would otherwise not come into contact with. And by choosing not to go to university, they wouldn’t be able to benefit from the financial advantages of a university education. This could all amount to them making the biggest regret of their life if they decide against going to university.

Financially, this can be confirmed by statistics that show university graduates earn around £130,000 more in their lifetime. Which is clearly a substantial amount of money, even enough to buy you a nice rural semi-detached, three bedroom house.

Keep hinting to them that university would be highly beneficial to their future. Then your advice will slowly begin to be absorbed and the idea that university is a good idea may start to sink in. The trick is to do this in a way where you do not appear to be nagging them about it!

We all know that it’s easy enough to download endless pages of university websites, prospectuses, syllabuses and page after page of promotional materials. The challenge is to find precisely the most relevant information to suit your teenager. You should try to offer to help by researching specific information on their particular chosen course. This will give you the benefit of having a look at various courses that are on offer around the country!

It’s important that your child knows that you are helping as much as you can without being too pushy. When the time for the final decision arrives, you must remember that even with all your influence and advice, they are in control of their own future and the final choice is solely down to them.

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