How to Motivate Yourself

bigstock-Make-things-happen-motivationa-30228074It’s not uncommon to feel lazy and unmotivated, at some point we all do!  A combination of things can affect your motivation and it is a tough thing to maintain. These days, distractions are all around us in the form of friends, technology and basically anything that isn’t your homework e.g. cleaning your bedroom or annoying the dog. However, when it comes time to really get things done, you can use these tips to help get you through.

Being short of motivation is usually caused by a lack of three main things; confidence, focus, and direction. If you don’t believe you can succeed then you aren’t going to want to try, which leads to a lack of focus and desire to do well. It also does not help if you are unaware of what is it exactly that you are meant to be doing, this usually makes people avoid the work till the last minute as they are in denial about the task.

1. Cut out negativity

At some point, everyone has thought that they aren’t capable of doing something, whether this is in school or a personal matter. The trick here is to take inspiration from someone you admire and think what they would do in your situation; this can be a public figure or someone in your family. What do you think Beyonce would do with her 3000 word history essay due next week? That’s right; she would power through, research properly, get in the zone and have it done two days before the deadline.

2. Make a deal with yourself

It’s like bribing a small child with a chocolate bar; tell yourself that if you get this finished you will allow yourself a treat. This reward can be anything you want, but it has to truly motivate you, so for you young’uns this will most likely be laptop or TV time. You should only reward yourself after a substantial amount of work has been done, otherwise your workload will just keep piling up and you will feel swamped.

3. Tackle one thing at once

If you try and face all your work at once, you will feel over-faced and this will lead to denial and procrastination. There is no point in trying to cram everything into one day; this will only lead to mistakes and work that isn’t up to standard. Make a plan for yourself, do each bit of work step by step to allow your concentration to be at a maximum and you will notice how your motivation improves.

4. Stop whinging

The time you spend complaining and stalling is time that could have been used to make a start on your dreaded piece of homework. You’ve probably heard this age-old cliché before, but that’s because it is true! Keeping the glass half full in important; a whirlwind of complaints will usually come as you don’t have something that you want e.g. you want your homework completed but it isn’t.

5. Don’t think it’s too late

Avoid thinking that there is no point in starting as it is too late and you don’t understand what has to be done. In this situation you have to be positive and remind yourself that doing some work is better than doing none at all, and once you get started you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done.

6. Use visualisation

For a few minutes imagine what it will be like when you have finished your work. Imagine the relief and feelings of freedom to do what you wish for a while. This alone is enough to motivate you, even just the thought of finishing can make you feel proud and accomplished. You can use this technique whenever you feel your inspiration wavering.

7. Remove distractions

If you are constantly being distracted by friends calling or messaging you then give your phone to a family member and tell them to not give it you back until you’re finished. Being repeatedly interrupted is a sure motivation killer and will cause your work to take twice as long to complete. If you really want to get your work done then avoid sites like Facebook and Twitter, the continuous updates will mean that you never feel it’s time to click off the page.

Lastly, remember that it is only you that can start and complete your work to a high standard. Use your desire to succeed as your main motivation!

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