Maximising Revision Time

Revision stressrevision-tip-2016We all understand how difficult it can be to stay focused during exam season. With many different pressures attached to each individual exam, and overall results, whether you are about to sit a GCSE-exam, an A-Level or an examination as part of your higher educational studies, you have to learn how to cope with the pressures and regularity of exams, and how to maximise revision time.

Here we’ve put together a few tips to help students maximise revision time, build a coherent and effective strategy and schedule and come out with the best results possible at the end of the exam season.

Don’t Cram Close to Your Exams!

Although cramming the night before an exam is an approach many of us have taken in the past, it isn’t very conducive to gaining the best results. Our team of private tutors have the experience to help students put together a clear revision timetable, spreading out learning over the course of a few days/weeks, rather than leaving everything until the last minute. The earlier you start revising, the more likely you are to succeed during the exam and be prepared for anything that is thrown at you.

Practice Testing on a Regular Basis

A great revision strategy is to book in some practice exam time during your revision schedule. It helps you to think about the topics you are studying in a completely different way, having to sculpt an answer from a question slightly different to those you have been learning, and teaching you how to cope under the specific pressure and conditions of the examination arena.

Boost Your Recall Through Teaching

One solid way to improve your memory and recall is to take the information that you have been learning in your study and teach it back to someone else. This can be achieved in small segments with your family, or if you have a private tutor helping you out. This method of study helps a person to place all of the information they are learning into easily manageable sections, compartmentalising information that can be found much more readily in the future when an exam question comes into play.

Incentivise Revision

Everyone will have encountered the struggles of motivation at some point when revising for important exams. You can create a sense of purpose and motivation through a series of incentives. For instance, allow yourself a treat snack after a solid hour of work, or a night off if you hit certain targets within your schedule. Planning incentives and treats to motivate through a tough revisions schedule is just as important as planning for the revision itself! A private tutor can help you to plan expertly for all scenarios, and to help you achieve those moments of rest and treats.

Stay Healthy

A tired body and mind will lead to poor revision techniques and likely poor exam results. Make sure that throughout your revision and exam schedule that you eat a healthy and balanced diet, exercise wherever possible and sleep enough each night. That way you’ll stay hydrated, alert and at peak physical and mental condition to attack the exams!

The Education Centre Liverpool is proud of our approach to helping students of all abilities to make the most of exam time. Our private tutors come with a varied experience and background and are here to help students put together a strong and coherent revision timetable that helps to maximise the time allotted to practising for exams, swotting up on certain topics and ensuring that preparation has been completed to the fullest prior to exam season getting into full swing. If you would like to find out more about the private tuition service we offer in Liverpool and the Merseyside area, contact us today and we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting.

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