Making the Most of Your Private Tuition

Once you have made the decision to hire a private tutor for your child it is important you work out how they will make the most out of their tutoring sessions. We all want the best for our children, and by maximising the potential of their academic life with help from a private tutor you are ensuring they are given the best chance to become everything they want to be in life.

Start with a conversation. It is always the best way. You, your child and tutor should sit together when first meeting to discuss the reasons behind hiring a tutor and what you would all like to get out of it. Make a list of the key factors your child would like to focus on or the stresses and strains they are struggling with. This will help the tutor figure out the most effective plan of action moving forward.

Another question that should be addressed is how often should the sessions be, how long they are and whether your child should have homework from their private tutor as well as from school. There are pros and cons to everything, but together as a team you can work out the most suitable schedule and plan of action. You might only want to use a private tutor for a short period of time, or be looking for a more permanent agreement that helps your child over the course of their school life, it all depends on your aims and goals.

As you continue through the journey of private tuition being prepared is important to help your child develop naturally. Keep notes and finished work that your child has completed with their tutor and have everything ready to go so that when the tutor arrives next week, your child is completely ready to go and doesn’t have to search high and low for their sheet of homework from the week before!

Here at The Education Centre we understand how each child is different. You might want your child to perform better at exams, to become more effective at managing their time and schedule for homework and coursework, or be looking for them to be fully prepared for the next year of school. We have all the bases covered with a wide range of topics covered by our fully qualified teachers based in the Merseyside area. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss a bespoke schedule for your child that maximises their potential and help you help them become the best they can be!

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