Making the Most of the Summer Holiday as an A-Level Student

friendship, summerIf you are in the middle summer of you’re A-Levels then it is vital that you make the most of your summer holidays. It might seem like just a short break before you’re right back in to the thick of it, but it will be over in a flash. Of course, you should take a short break, hang out with friends and recharge your batteries, but you also need to keep active with your academic prospects. Whether this is in the form of work experience, volunteering, studying or taking on a private tutor it’s up to you, but try to make the most of the last summer before you leave school for higher education or a career.

Here are some suggestions to make the most of your summer vacation:

Spend Time With Friends – First off, take a little time to plan nice and fun things with friends and family. You deserve a break after a long, hard slog in school and now is the time to sit back, recharge your batteries and have some fun. Without that, what is the point in life at all? Whatever you decide to do, switch off completely and be present when socialising.

Take a Holiday – It might be that you decide to take a week or two off completely, to go away on holiday, or to plan days or weekends away dotted throughout the summer. If you have the funds then why not have some fun? Learn about new cultures, pick up little bits of language wherever you go and make the most of budget travel and cheap hostel accommodation.

Volunteer Work/ Work Experience – There are a few reasons to pursue this option. The first is that you want to help out charities and organisations that are close to your heart, helping out with volunteering wherever possible. Another reason is that volunteering or work experience is valuable to your preferred career choice and it can help you build your CV for University applications. Thirdly, if you take on paid work experience you can build some funds for all the fun you’re going to have socialising throughout the summer months.

Find New Hobbies – The summer is the perfect time to take on board new hobbies and activities that you just haven’t got the time for during the school year. If you fancy taking up a musical instrument look into courses or private tutors; or you might like the look of taking up a new team sport. Hobbies are a great way to build your character, keep you working hard and help you get creative.

Be Prepared for Next Year – We do want you to have fun during the summer months, but it is also important to keep one eye on next year as you’re A-Levels are very important to your future over the next few years. Hire a private tutor to help you keep on top of things; to go over topics you may have struggled with last year and to give you a solid foundation going in to your final school year.

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