Making the Most of Exam Resits

Worried Teenage Boy Disappointed With Exam ResultsIt isn’t a good feeling to find out you need to take an exam resit, but it isn’t the end of the world. Private tutors are at hand to help you through these tough periods, mapping out a plan of attack to recuperate, strengthen and ensure you pass with flying colours when the next exam comes around.

Go Over the Topics Thoroughly – This might seem like an obvious thing, but be sure to go over the topic as thoroughly as you can in the run up to the resit exam. Like anything, the more you do something, or read over it, the more likely it is to become ingrained within you and become habit. It is a good place to start as you go over the topics that you didn’t quite get right the last time you sat an exam.

Read Different Texts about The Subject Matter – Since the last exam there might be new papers, books or research into the exam subject that weren’t available when you were revising last time. Take the time to search around and see if there is anything new you can read, a different analysis of the subject matter. This can also apply to those texts you didn’t get round to reading and now have more time to do so.

Write Essay Plans and Take a Different Approach – Think about how you studied before the first exam and work out the best way to tweak it to be more successful. It might be that this time you write out detailed essay plans about certain questions that might come up within the subject. It’ll give you good practice at thinking about the structure of an exam essay and how to approach multiple question types.

Utilise the Help of a Private Tutor – By hiring private tuition to help you with your resit you can ask for specific help about aspects of a subject that you’re not comfortable with; the parts that you didn’t get right at the first attempt and need to rectify. A  private tutor can also help you with the other points listed above, giving an insightful point of view you might have not thought of previously and pointing you in the right direction of certain research and texts that you might otherwise not consider or know about.

If you would like to contact us to find out more about how The Education Centre Liverpool can help you overcome your resit anxiety, it is easy to get in touch. Our team of friendly education experts are at hand to match you with a private tutor that suits you, your requirements and budget. Whether it’s for a short period of time to help you with resit preparation, or a longer-term project, private tuition is a great way to stay motivated and stay on top of your schoolwork, and we are here to support you.

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