How to Make the Right Choice of Tutor

tutor1If you are looking to boost your child’s studies with the aid of a private tutor, we understand that you will at first be apprehensive and wish to find the correct tutor for your child’s specific needs. Private tuition provides you with a much greater say in the educational development of your child than through traditional schooling, where you have absolutely no input into the choice of teacher and the specific aspects of a topic that are worked on.

Allow Your Children to be Inspired – With the wrong teaching style or uninspiring teacher at school it is easy for your child to become disillusioned and start to tread water, or even worse, regress in school. Obviously at school, even the best teachers have countless kids to tend to. With a private tutor your child can be inspired to work harder and more creatively with one-on-one support.

Create a Bond that Makes a Difference – The direct support between a private tutor and child can lead to a long-lasting bond that can maximise the learning potential of your child. Taking the time to choose a private tutor carefully will help to create that bond and the conditions that your child learns best within.

Utilise the Specific Skills of Private Tutors – If your child is struggling with a certain topic, why not look to work with a private tutor who has experience in that specific field? We will undertake a full evaluation of your child, their needs and the targets that have been set by, the child and academically and look to partner you with a private tutor who ticks all of the boxes. You need not only a good relationship between child and tutor, but also a tutor who can deliver in the educational areas that will make a real and significant difference to the results your child works towards in school.

The Education Centre has a wide range of fully qualified teachers working as part of our private tuition service across the Merseyside area. If you are based in Liverpool and the surrounding areas and wish to find a tutor for your child, give us a call today. We will be happy to discuss the specific needs of your child and provide you with a selection of tutors, whose skills and experience can be utilised.

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