How to Make History Fun

The word "History" written in dirty vintage letterpress type on a aged wooden background.History is an important school subject. The lessons from history are those that can help society as a whole shape the future, but so often we don’t utilise it. History lessons for some pupils are stuffy, boring and a chore to get through. How can you make history fun, with the help of your teacher, or private tutor?

Work for an Answer – The best History teachers won’t just spoon-feed you the answers they are looking for. One of the joys of History is looking for evidence to back up the point you want to make, look through multiple sources, organise the parts that you want to use and put together an answer from there. This will make History a puzzle to solve and invite you to spend more time looking for your own answer, rather than just being given a list of dates and names to remember.

Think About the Connection with Now – History has happened to human beings just like you. By considering the human connection to the story you are being told, you are more likely to remember it, feeling empathetic to the plight of those in certain historical situations and understanding how human nature has developed as a result of actions over time.

The Story of the Normal Man – Look for those stories by the everyday people, and always look for weird and wonderful tales (there are plenty out there relating to all walks of life). Anything that looks at History in an unusual way is more enticing to the mind. The oddities of life are fascinating for everyone, from the grotesque underbelly of Victorian London, to the Prison Camps of the Second World War and mass production and urbanisation of landscapes over generations, there are stories to be told that aren’t always as straightforward as they originally seem.

Find Your Passion – As mentioned above, there are always different ways to look at things and although you are following a curriculum in school when it comes to History, you should find the part of the story that connects most closely to you. If you can find a passion for a subject, even a small part of it, it really helps you to draw comparisons with modern day, relish the analysis and collation of sources and put together a piece of work that you believe in.

If you have been struggling with history and want to learn new ways in which to take on board the messages your teachers are telling you, it might be worth looking into private tuition. The Education Centre Liverpool has a wide range of private tutors in the Merseyside Area, many of whom have a background in teaching history and a real passion for teaching it. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to set up a session and fire your own passion for the subject.

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