Keeping Fit to Boost your Brain Power – Sport as an Extra Curricular Activity

Extra curricular activities are a fantastic way to boost your child’s development in the educational arena as well as their life skills. A good choice of activity outside of normal school hours can boost productivity and give them better and more varied choices in future life, but how important is it to make at least one of those extra curricular activities a sporting one?

Keep Fit and Healthy

Physically we all develop at different rates but what is most important is that your child doesn’t just sit still most of the time. There is always a danger of a child being sat in front of a computer or television screen, and taking part in sports will keep them active and healthy from a very young age, something we all aspire to!

Develop a Passion for Life

Hobbies and passions are fantastic for any individual to have in their life. Showing dedication and a love for something enhances your enjoyment of life and if you can spark a genuine interest in someone from a young age it can stay with them for years and help them develop a joy that will last a lifetime.

Develop Social Skills

Team sports in particular help children develop their social skills. It also helps them appreciate that hard work is a necessity in all walks of life and that becoming an integral and fully functioning member of a team is the best way for everyone to move forward and improve. It is a good lesson to learn young.

Improve Motor Skills

Those children who take part in sports from a young age as an extra curricular activity are more likely to improve their core motor skills. Physical attributes such as agility, coordination and balance are key to the development of a child’s body and by taking part in sports you are enhancing those attributes.

Have Fun!

The main reason you should enroll your child in a sporting extra curricular activity is that it is a healthy way to have fun! We all take joy from seeing a massive smile on the face of our child and what better way to teach them how to have fun as part of a team, or how to succeed as an individual than by treating them to some time on the field with a ball in hand or at foot, in the swimming pool or out on the track.

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