Keeping Active Over the Summer Months

We believe that private tuition can help your children over the summer months, ensuring they do not lose out on the things they have been taught over the previous 12 months and to put in place the topics they are set to learn come the new term in September. It isn’t the be all and end all however, we believe in a summer break too!

Find Activity Clubs: It is important for your children to have autonomy and their own time with friends. Making new friends is a great way to build self-esteem and confidence, with activity clubs a fantastic place for doing just that! Clubs also provide parents with the peace of mind that their children are somewhere safe.

Family Holidays: Whether it is an adventurous holiday in the countryside or a beach holiday abroad, try and make the time to have time away with just the family. It isn’t always practical to have a big holiday but spending time with just your loved ones and no outside distractions is the perfect habit to get into, fostering great relationships that will last a lifetime.

Dinner Time: This is just as relevant all year round, but during the summer months when children are out playing all day and there are a lot more options and events to contend with, it is important to make time for regular family dinners. If the weather is sunny why not take to regular barbeques in the back garden or down the park.

Top Up Your Private-Tuition: It is important that if your child has been receiving private tuition throughout the school year that there isn’t a dramatic drop off during the summer holidays. It is important to top up your work, keep your child thinking about their education but without overloading them and taking away from their enjoyment of time off!

If you would like to supplement your child’s fun and laughter during the hot summer months (if we’re lucky!) with some leisurely work that will help them stay ahead of the game when they return to school, please feel free to give us a call or contact us via email.

The Education Centre understands how important it is for children to have fun and down times. We also know that it can be a great long term benefit to keep things ticking along in terms of education, so we have a team of fully qualified teachers ready to go in the Liverpool and Merseyside area. We won’t bore your child and the lessons shouldn’t be as vigorous as they would be during term time but it will help the long-term development of your child. Speak to us today and we’ll be happy to put together a bespoke plan of action!

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