Is it Time to Change Your Tutor?

If you have hired a private tutor for your child there might come a time when there are reasons you are not as happy as you should be. The important factor is whether your child is developing at a rate they should. If this is the case it is time to take stock and think about a different approach.

Here are a few reasons you might want to think about a change:

Your Tutor is Unenthusiastic

This ties in to their whole attitude about your schedule and tuition. If your tutor turns up late on a regular basis and spends a lot of time looking at their phone and not focussing on the tasks at hand, it might be time to look elsewhere for a tutor who is on time and teaches the discipline that will help your child over time.

Your Child is Unhappy

Another reason you might want to change private tutor is if your child is unhappy. Your tutor might be the best at what they do, but if your child has no chemistry with them and doesn’t enjoy their company they are unlikely to want to learn. A good, healthy relationship is crucial to help a child develop with the help of a tutor.

Your Child is Bored

Some tutors provide a textbook and writing for children to get on with for their sessions. Sometimes this is necessary of course, but if this becomes a regular occurrence and your child is bored it can become a problem. Good private tutors will find new and exciting ways to engage your child and get them looking at subjects in a different way to what they are used to.

Don’t let any of these reasons put you off hiring a private tutor in the future as these are very much individual mistakes and reasons to move on, not a tell-tale sign of an entire industry. The vast majority of private tutors are out there every day teaching children how to love learning, how to develop as human beings and with a real passion for their jobs!

If you are thinking of a change in private tuition and live in the Merseyside area, why not give us a call at The Education Centre, we have a wide range of private tutors available, each with their own expertise and specialities, so if you’re looking for a general tutor, a maths specialist or a French expert, we have all of those bases covered. Give us a call and we can help your child love and learn and grow!

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