Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills with Simple Steps

ReadingReading is such an important part of a child’s development, especially at a younger age. For many kids there is a stigma attached to reading however, and if your child is struggling to keep up with the pace of development of other children in class, or they are struggling at home with certain reading, spelling and issues of grammar, you can do something to help.

At The Education Centre Liverpool we understand that every child is unique and will work at their own speed of development with all topics. The earlier you can pinpoint a problem with reading, the better prepared you can be to overcome those problems. Reading should always be fun for children, and with our private tuition packages we can assist your child in developing their reading skills, without it being attached to a problem in their minds. We’ll have fun with them and help them learn to use reading for fun and to learn over the course of their school life.

There are things that you, as a parent, can do to help your child if they are struggling with reading.

Show Willing at All Times  -If your child has been struggling at school they might not want the added pressure at home to continue a task that is challenging to them. Although you want them to read, start by talking honestly with them about the pressures you have faced. Talk about things you are not particularly good at, whether it be a sport, cooking or writing, but impress upon your child how you’re always willing to keep trying and to get better at everything you do. This way, you can work together and create a challenge that the whole family can face with a smile, rather than your child feel alone with a problem to overcome.

Make Reading Fun Again – If your child is having a bad time reading and writing the last thing you want to do is to make it a chore for them at home, as well as in the classroom. Make reading a fun task that you all take part in at home. Read aloud to each other, pick out fun parts of stories that you both love and help them to expand their vocabulary. Encourage questions and search for answers together.

Set Realistic Reading Targets – Once you have made reading fun again you can begin to put in place a schedule for your child to follow. Don’t pile on the pressure, instead set realistic reading targets, with incentives for hard work and patience at trying to improve. This can be as simple as a chapter reading aloud together at night, or for a certain number of books to read per-month, as they get older.

We have found it a very rewarding process for our private tutors on Merseyside to help children struggling with their reading skills. With a few simple steps at home, you can ensure your kids learn to love reading, and in turn help them to develop their vocabulary and speaking skills. For more information about our private tuition packages, contact The Education Centre Liverpool today.

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