How Your Child Could Benefit from Private Tuition During Primary School

LearningWhen your child is young and at a Primary School age they are inquisitive about everything. Knowledge is fun at that age, with learning through play and the ability to take on board plentiful amounts of information about all sorts of subjects. That’s why it is important that you help them during this crucial time in their development as best you can. Hiring a private tutor is one way in which you can build a life-long love of learning that your child will carry through them in school and beyond into adulthood.

Have Some Fun with Learning – Whatever route you choose to go down with your children, make sure that you always have fun with them. Your kids will look to you on how to act and behave, and if they see you enjoying learning and developing skills in a playful and effective way, they’ll want to copy you and do the same. Think of fun ways in which you can build lessons at home, and help the private tutor to create regular fun sessions based around play that can help your child improve their maths and English skills.

Create a Clear Path – If you are worried about specific subjects, hiring a private tutor is a great way to ensure your child is fully prepared for the challenges ahead throughout school. Set up regular sessions that cover all the basic topics, and make sure that everything your child learns now is building a foundation to grow from in the future.

Encourage Extra Curricular Activities –Even from primary school age your child should be encouraged to develop skills outside of the classroom to help them build a life that is well rounded. Find out what they love doing, and let them try different things. Whether it is art, writing, sport, or other pursuits, encouraging extra-curricular activity at a young age will help your children develop all round learning skills, as well as social interaction and a working ethic.

At The Education Centre Liverpool we have a long-standing tradition of providing Merseyside families with private tuition that makes a real difference to children of all ages and abilities. We are here to help fit into your schedule, providing you child with help to build the basic building blocks of education and to instil a love of learning that can last a lifetime and make a huge difference to the confidence of a young child of primary school age.

We offer a mixture of numeracy and literacy for this age group, and you can help choose the path your child is moving forward on with our private tutors, including the regularity of the sessions. To find out more information please feel free to contact The Education Centre Liverpool today, and we can set up a meeting to find you the perfect private tutor for your child’s needs.

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