Hot Dinner vs. Packed Lunch

We’re going to settle one of the most important arguments since time began… when you sit down in the canteen on your lunch break, what’s best to have in front of you; a hot school dinner or a packed lunch from home?bigstock-Large-super-food-selection-in--49013870 (1)

There are good points about both but if you simply can’t figure out which one to choose then we’ll try and help you out!

If you like a hot meal then getting a school dinner would definitely be the choice for you! A nice plate of pasta or even a shepherd’s pie is a popular choice among schools in the UK. Also by picking a hot dinner you’ll be sure to have a balanced and healthy diet as the catering staff will take care of this for you!

One downside to school dinners though is that you have to queue up with everyone else that has decided to buy their meal in the canteen! Also some schools might be charging silly prices for their food which means you might have to get less than you were hoping for.

Bringing in your own packed lunch can mean that you can eat as much or as little as you like! It can also be a cheaper option for mum and dad. It also means no queues at dinner time and you can get straight on to eating your lunch!

However you will have to remember to get your lunch ready at home the night before or even get up slightly earlier on a school morning to pack your dinner when you may just want the extra 10 minutes in bed! As well as that you have to carry it around with you in your bag all day!

So which dinner has come out on top?

It all depends on what you want! You may even mix things up and have school dinners one week and then switch to packed lunches when you get bored of the school meals! Whichever you choose has its advantages and disadvantages but always be sure to keep your brain and body active and have a balanced lunch whether it’s made by the school or brought from home!

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