Helping Your Child See the Benefit to a Private Tutor

A student being taught one on one.Private tuition has a range of benefits for your child, but we understand that it can sometimes be difficult for a parent to explain to their child exactly why a private tutor is needed. If a child is behind in school, or needs to focus on certain specific topics in the run up to an exam, they are unlikely to really want to do that extra work that a private tutor would bring. How do you help them see the light and look forward to working with a private tutor?

It can be difficult to help your child understand the positives of receiving the help of a private tutor, so before the process begins always make sure that you have done your homework as the parent. The first thing to consider is to have open communication with your child about what it is they are struggling with, whether it is a specific topic, writing exam papers, or revision itself. With reassurance and good, clear communication, you can make your child see that a private tutor will be a positive thing to help them get to where they want to be.

From here you can speak to our friendly team about putting a plan in place. At The Education Centre we have access to a large number of Merseyside based private tutors, with plenty of experience in education and within specific topics. Not only that, but we will always do our utmost to pair you with a private tutor that is the right fit for your child. They will be spending some time together over the course of weeks and months, so it is important that a positive relationship can be developed.

From very early on, a child will see how they are developing with the help of a private tutor, and as a parent, you can reassure them that you can see the progress being made, highlighting specific things that have been noted and engaging with them in a way that demonstrates how learning can be fun, and not just a chore.

You’ll soon see the benefits of your child receiving help from a private tutor, and as the weeks roll on, your child certainly will too. It doesn’t matter what stage of life your child is at, there is a way that we can help them with private tuition. Whether they are at Primary School age and struggling to keep up with the basics of English, Maths and Science, or later on in life and require help studying for GCSEs or A-Level exams, we can help.

For more information about how private tuition can help you and your child in a wide variety of situations, please feel free to contact our friendly team at The Education Centre Liverpool today. We are able to take your call on 0151 515 8191, and will also return to you as soon as possible if you would like to email us at

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