Helping the Next Generation of Teachers with QTS Tests

teacherIn order to become one of the faces of the next generation of teachers there are some barriers and tests to first overcome. Professional skills tests for prospective teachers assess whether an individual has the core skills and knowledge that all teachers require in order to fulfill their professional role within a school, to go alongside their specialist subject expertise.

All teachers in the UK have to be competent in numeracy and literacy, no matter what their specialist subject is. There will be times during a teaching career where this basic, core, knowledge is required and with this in mind all prospective teachers must first pass this basic testing before being recommended for the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

In order to pass teacher training the skills you are tested on are in addition to the GCSE grade C equivalence entry requirement and will be set within the context of your potential role as a professional teacher. There is a stringent quality assurance procedure to ensure all testing is fair and the assessment takes into account real data, information and scenarios that teachers are likely to come across within their working life.

Being fully prepared for this testing will stand you in good stead for the entire application process and teacher training programme, with QTS testing assistance a vital part of our approach to helping the next generation of teachers reach their goals.

The Education Centre Liverpool understands what is required to become a good teacher; after all we only hire the very best teachers to become part of our private tuition team. If you are interested in testing your key skills prior to the QTS tests that will decide whether you can become a teacher, contact us today and we’ll be happy to guide you with advice, revision, skills training and practice testing.

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