Helping to Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills

Reading A BookReading is such a vital part of every child’s development and should be treated with respect by parents. It is so important to have a plan in place to help your child with their reading skills, as it helps to broaden their scope of education, opens up their imagination and gives them hope that anything is possible. How can you help to improve your child’s reading skills?

Build a Routine – Whatever your plans always make sure that you have put aside some special reading time for you and your child. This should become a routine so pick a sensible time of day and stick to it everyday. This can be the same for weekdays, and maybe change it up at the weekends to be a morning read, instead of an afternoon. Always stick to it though to build the positive habit of reading.

Choose a Comfortable Place – The best way to get your child engaged and looking forward to reading is to create the most comfortable place where you always read together. This can be in bed, surrounded by cushions in a corner of your sofa or a specially created area for reading that you build together.

Keep Things Interesting – Don’t stick to the same reading materials all the time, as this is where your child is likely to get bored. Read fictional children’s stories with them, newspapers, read comic books, books on a kindle or other e-reading device, let them read cookbook instructions to you in the kitchen. Wherever you have a chance to make reading fun, interesting and different, do so.

Provide Your Child with a Choice – One way that guarantees your child will be excited about reading and look forward to it, is if you give them the choice of what book they want to read on a regular basis. We all loved trips to the local library as kids, reading the backs of books and getting excited about taking one home to read. It fires the imagination and makes reading fun.

Have Fun and Read Together – One of the best ways to engage with your child is for you to read aloud together, for you to read to them and for them to read out loud on their own, to you. If there are characters in the story you are reading, try both of you putting on funny accents and making it even more enjoyable a read!

Reading is the fun foundation from which your child can learn to love education and blossom with their learning potential. Make sure you read to them, often, in a comfortable place and keep a routine that fosters a love of reading that lasts a lifetime.

The Education Centre has a range of private tutors based in the Merseyside area. We can help set you up with private tuition sessions that best suit their needs and provide some specialist assistance in areas that are needed. We look forward to helping you boost your child’s education.

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