Finding the Right Tutor for You

At school, your children have no opportunities to make choices about who is teaching them and how. We all have memories of teachers who made a difference to our lives, inspired us and stoked a passion for a certain subject or potential career choice. With private tuition you have more of a say in your direction.

Don’t Get Stale and Uninspired helping hand of mother and child on sky at the beach, care and protection

It is so easy for children of school age to become uninspired if they have the wrong type of teaching or a teacher who isn’t passionate about their job. Obviously this isn’t a given as the vast majority of teachers love their job and want to inspire their classes, BUT, and it is a big but, they have countless kids to teach at any given time.

Find the Right Connection to Maximise Learning

For private tuition, it is all about that quality one on one time that you just cannot receive at school, and not only that, finding a connection with someone who can inspire and be inspired. By searching for a private tutor for you or your child, you can take the time to not only discover which areas of your learning you need some extra help with, but also the right person for you. In any relationship there is give and take and a natural bond is advantageous. Especially in learning, if you have respect for the person teaching you and take delight in the way they teach and portray the information to you, it is a big step in the right direction to succeed at your task.

Discover Which Tutor Can Help You Reach Your Goal

As well as a good connection, you have to make sure you are hiring a tutor who is the right fit academically. Once a full evaluation has been taken of you or your child, the subjects you wish to receive help with and the reasons behind your desire for private tuition, a suitable tutor can be found. As well as being someone you trust and can be inspired by, their knowledge and experience should be well matched to fit your needs, creating the perfect bond to help you reach your learning goals.

The beauty of private tuition is that you can find the right tutor for you and your circumstances. The Education Centre provides quality private tuition, catered towards your individual needs. Whether you require some top up tutoring in preparation for your GCSEs or A Levels, you are an adult looking to learn some new skills, or you want your child to have that extra help throughout their schooling, you are in the right place. Give us a call today to see how we can help you fulfil your learning potential!

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