How to find the right tutor for your child

Before you choose a tutor it’s first important you stick to reputable means of finding one. You want to find a tutor who has a proven track record and has recent Criminal Records Bureau and QTS (Qualified Teacher Status).  bigstock-Two-Students-In-Class-Writing--3917492

One of the best ways to choose a tutor is through personal recommendation. Maybe other parents at your child’s school can recommend somebody or you can choose one of the tutors who has a good record of testimonials online if there’s no one personal you can ask. Teachers at your child’s school may even be able to recommend a tutor or local tutoring organisation, which you can only find out about by asking.

Any tutor you choose should have a high level of qualification in their chosen subject area and preferably have QTS.  You want to ensure a genuine expert in the field is tutoring your child.

Another important element of choosing the right tutor is meeting them and having your child meet them. You want them to be able to get on well, teach your child but also support them in a way that suits their learning style. You must also trust in the tutor to provide necessary feedback to you to ensure you can track any progress.

Setting out from the start what you want for your child from the tuition will let you find the tutor who is right for your child. If you need someone who is an expert in a specific exam and syllabus then you need to check their credentials and ensure they are well-versed in this area. Although anybody who is a specialist in this subject can help, your child will fare better with somebody who knows the syllabus inside out.

Utilising a service like ours gives you access to a wide range of tutors with varying skills who can support children with varying needs. Private tuition can provide the encouragement your child needs to achieve their best but only if they’re working with the right person for their needs. Keeping these points in mind will help you find the tutor who matches your child.

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