Extra Homework Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

One of the things that puts children off the thought of having a private tutor is the extra workload. Not only do you have to fit in another hour of actual schoolwork each week, but then there’s going to be extra homework on top of that isn’t there?

The answer is yes; there is no point in sugar coating it. But, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and here is why.

Look at Subjects from a New Angle Tired Boy Wearing Funny Glasses Doing Homework. Child With Learn

Think about how you are taught in school on a certain subject that you are struggling with. You’ve been given a clear set of instructions and taught everything the teacher knows about the topic, but it’s still not sitting clearly in your mind. You can go off and look into it by reading other books, or searching the internet, but something isn’t quite clicking.

A new tutor can unlock this process purely by being a completely different person to your teacher at school. Of course, you are being taught in some cases by standardised textbooks and coursework, but the method of teaching will always be slightly different from teacher to teacher and this is a benefit to a student. You can learn different ways in which to analyse information, how to collate it and how to research as your tutor will provide their specific insight.

Specific and Different Homework

For some students their homework from school might not be high enough in quantity (though a student will always argue differently!). The beauty of a private tutor is that they get to know the human being, with your child not just being another student. A tutor over time will learn which types of homework your child responds best to, and also their specific strengths and weaknesses in certain topics. This is a position of strength as it allows the tutor to set homework based on the specific topics and subjects that require the most attention. These tasks can also be set in different ways than the homework set by school, so your child will be learning in a variety of ways at any given time for different subjects.

At The Education centre we understand how best to schedule private tuition lessons and also build an effective schedule of homework for a child, depending on their style of learning, the subjects at hand and the deadlines in each case. Extra homework from your private tutor shouldn’t be a chore, just a different way to solve a problem and it can be fulfilling to complete. If you are interested in assisting your child in reaching their potential, through private tuition in the Liverpool area, give us a call today and we’d be happy to advise on the best approach based on your specific circumstances and requirements.

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