Entrance Exams

With places at certain secondary schools being more competitive than ever, many secondary schools are making year 6 pupils sit an ‘Entrance Exam’ in the autumn term.  Schools include Bluecoat, Belvedere Academy, Liverpool College, St Margaret’s and St Hilda’s.

The exam usually consists of elements from either Maths, English, ‘Verbal Reasoning’, ‘Non-Verbal Reasoning’ and a MFL aptitude test. With most primary schools not covering ‘Verbal Reasoning’ and ‘Non-Verbal Reasoning’ within their curriculum we find this is the main area students need help with whilst working towards an entrance exam.

The style of papers and questions can be quite challenging and therefore each student needs careful planning, preparation and assessment.  All of this is done by our team of experienced professionals who understand the challenges that students and parents face in this situation.

Timing is vital when considering the school of your choice and we would strongly recommend that parents and carers start thinking about this seriously many months or possibly years ahead.  The ability of each student determines the level of support they need, but do not forget that even though they may be ‘top of their class’ in school, this does not necessarily mean that they will be competent at successfully completing the questions set out in the exam!

Our tuition not only improves results and the chance to gain a school place but also builds confidence and raises self esteem.  Your child will be motivated, encouraged, praised and challenged, but above all will enjoy our friendly personable approach to tutoring!

Please head to our resources section to find some examples of questions and papers, along with our testimonials page for a look at what some of our parents and students say about The Education Centre.