Entrance Exams – How to Prepare

examsEntrance exams to school are a tough pill for many children to swallow and for parents it can be hard to emphasise the importance of getting into the right school, or the right classes, without heaping too much pressure on. There are a few ways in which you can help your child prepare for their entrance exams however, so take note and stay positive.

Set realistic target for your child to ensure that they don’t feel burdened by the pressure attached to entrance exams. Managing progress through incremental steps and small successes will encourage your child to grow and for them to be enthused about their learning, all the while they are improving in time for their entrance exam.

Private tuition is another route to success as a fully qualified teacher will have insights into the specifics of entrance exams and the subjects that will come up that can have a huge, beneficial impact on the success of a student. Passing an entrance exam is a great step forward in education, and by hiring a private tutor you are giving your child as much foundation as possible to build a healthy education.

Practice is key to any successful student. If you know that you are heading into a stressful exam period, or have an entrance exam to take, there are specific challenges you are going to face. These will differ from usual homework or coursework. You have to be prepared to make choices, to work within a strict time limit and be clear and concise in your answers. Practicing all of this, including time management, is an important step towards success in the real thing.

Between August 13th and September 24th, we here at The Education Centre Liverpool are looking to assist children even further in their attempts to make the grade and pass entrance exams. We are holding entrance exam practice between those dates, so give us a call on 0151 727 1578 and come on in to sit through and practice an entrance exam paper.

We completely understand the pressures of entrance exams on young children. Through our private tuition service we believe we have a range of tutors, all with teaching qualifications, who can help your child reach their potential and fare well in their entrance exams. Give us a call today to book into our entrance exam practice mornings or to book a session with one of our tutors to assist at home. We’ll be happy to help!

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