Entrance Exams for Secondary School

The pressure on children to succeed, even at such a young age for entry into secondary school, is high. Too high many would say, but entrance examinations do exist and if your child needs to pass one in order to gain entry into the secondary school you would like to them to attend, hiring a private tutor is a good way to ensure they are fully prepared for every eventuality, and in a calm environment where learning is fun.

Target Realistic Goals

The biggest thing you can do to help your child during this time is to take the pressure away. We all want our children to aim for the highest grades but it isn’t always possible. Sit down with your child and their teachers and ensure that you are not setting them up for an entrance exam that they will struggle to pass. By targeting realistic goals you can work together with your child, and private tutor, to ensure your child has every chance of making the grades required. The alternative is high pressure to succeed at something they might not be equipped to do so at this stage in their learning. Every child is different; tailor your approach to your child.

Make Learning Fun

Not just for entrance exams for secondary school, but any form of learning, you should want your child to enjoy what they are doing. The better the enjoyment around learning, the more likely your child is to soak up the knowledge and develop their skills. A private tutor will quickly get to understand your child, what makes them tick and their limitations. By taking all of this into account they can create a bespoke schedule that gets the best out of your child and ensures they will be fully prepared for their entrance examination.

If your child is looking to gain entry into secondary school and will require a pass mark at an examination in order to be able to attend, we can help at The Education Centre. Give us a call today and we have a wide range of friendly private tutors in the Liverpool area who are fully equipped to help your child maximise their chances of being successful and entering the secondary school of your choice. Every child is different and we will help your child enjoy learning, how to look at things in different ways, how best to schedule and maintain their knowledge but most of all be fully prepared for secondary school learning.

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