Enjoying The Summer Holidays with Your Children

1119337990For those of you who have hired a private tutor to regularly visit your child throughout the school year, there is merit in keeping that regular rhythm going during the school holidays. It doesn’t have to be as intense, or the sessions as regular and often, but by cutting off your child’s learning for over a month it could take them some time to get back to full speed when September is here and they are heading back to school.

It is important though that your kids have some down time and don’t get too bogged down in only thinking about work 365 days a year! As I’m sure you encourage your children to have hobbies, to socialise and take part in extra curricular activities during the school months, you should also encourage them to make the most of their summer holiday, without taking their eye off their schooling completely. The way to do this is to reverse the balance.

Take a Family Holiday – Completely switch off as a family at some point over the summer months. Put your work worries aside and make sure your children are thinking about nothing but having fun and relaxing. That way, you can all recharge your batteries. Having no outside distractions is a great way to bond as a family and to rest.

Give Your Kids Autonomy – Your kids will develop more effectively as human beings if they are allowed to make their own friends and mistakes. Find a safe framework for them to explore different passions through activity clubs in the summer months, and times where they are on their own in a fun environment.

Keep Regular Habits – Spending time together as a family is important in order to develop relationships of trust and honesty that will make your children better people as they grow older. Balance the schedule during the summer months so that your child is inspired to make new friends, have fun and socialise away from home, but then know that there is a regular appointment at home with the family. This can be a set dinnertime round the table, a movie night or a trip out.

Stay on Focus – Even if you are planning on giving your kids some time off this summer, it is important to top up their education with private tuition at certain times. It doesn’t have to be as regular as during the school months but by offering refreshers of the topics studied last term, and looking forward to the future you can keep your kids in good shape without burning them out.

If you would like to find out more about private tuition in the Merseyside area, contact The Education Centre Liverpool today. Our tutors are experienced in a number of different topics and can assist children of various ages. As a top up during the summer months, or as part of a long-term study plan our team can help you get the most out of your children.

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