Embracing The Outdoors – Tuition Away from The Classroom

Child take off leather shoes child's foot learns to walk on grass with bright sunlight reflexology massage. Kid relax in park on vacation. Shallow depth of field (dof) selective focus. Retro style.Finding new ways in which to teach can be difficult, but there are ways in which you can reinvigorate private tuition sessions, by taking the classroom outdoors and utilising this seemingly never ending summer. Embracing nature and taking your students to learn outside of the classroom could be a fresh new way to keep things interesting, keep them invigorated and you energised.

Here are reasons why you should embrace the outdoors when planning private tuition lessons:

Take a Walk in the Park – A walk in some of our fine and beautiful parks is another way to engage with a different part of a student’s brain. You can use nature to ask them to develop the way they describe things, to work on their English skills and also revel in the calm nature around them. A beautiful park is inspiring whatever type of work you are undertaking.

Become Inspired by Water – In Merseyside especially, we are blessed with some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring coastlines and this could be a foundation to inspire your students. Whether you are teaching art, English, history or geography, a walk along the sandy beaches or the riverfront can be inspiring to a student.

Utilise Culture – No matter what type of subject you are teaching, a trip to a museum or art gallery is stimulating for everyone. It can stimulate the senses of your student, and teach them how to look at art and culture within the context of their own time and interests. Debate and constructive criticism is an important part of development in children, a day trip such as these can be a great help.

Discover Your City – Each city has its own marvels, and in our own city, Liverpool, there are countless wonders to discover as you wander the back streets of the Georgian Quarter, or along the World famous waterfront where the sight of the three graces never gets old. A city walk can be inspiring and it can stimulate conversation and interest in the history of the town.

The main reason that embracing the outdoors when thinking about how to maximise your private tuition sessions is that it is something completely different. Changing things up within a framework of routine can do wonders for encouraging students to think in a different way to how they are used to. It also makes a student look at things from different angles, learn how to criticise effectively and just relish being in the outdoors. The same lessons over and over at home or in a classroom can become a bit staid and repetitive, stifling creative thought.

If you would like to find out more about how The Education Centre Liverpool is improving private tuition in the Merseyside area, please feel free to contact us today and we’ll be happy to match you up with a private tutor that suits your requirements and budget.

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