How effective is Private Tuition?

bigstock-education-and-school-concept--50092004 (1)Many of you will debate if hiring a private tutor is the right thing to do, with the main concern being if the pupil will benefit from the extra tuition. If you are looking to improve your knowledge in a particular field then any further education on the subject will be useful. There is no definite way of researching how successful tuition is, as the number of variables involved in student success means it would be unfair to generalise.

However, after-school programs can play a pivotal role in preparing students for future education and success. There are numerous benefits that come with additional education after hours. Further education can provide more economic flexibility, better job prospects and improve overall health in the future.  Some studies have consistently shown that education in general is directly proportional to higher salaries and improved quality of life.

There are few people who would argue that an effective tutor is not capable of assisting a pupil to achieve well on a specific exam. They have the time to spend one-to-one coaching the pupil in how to pass the exam and achieve the grade they need. However, if the private tutor has not taught the pupil how to learn then the pupil will not be successful without the assistance of a tutor.

At The Education Centre, tutors help students to discover their own styles of learning that can continue throughout their academic and professional careers.

Private tuition does not always have to be for those who are struggling; many parents choose to further educate their children out of hours so they can keep up momentum. Extra lessons are particularly popular in the run-up to exams, and it makes sense to focus on one or two subjects, whether these are tough subjects for the pupil or areas they excel in. An individual can only do so much and it is not expected that a pupil be excellent at every subject in the world. For struggling pupils, tutoring can boost confidence and give previously under-performing children a track record of success. This creates a momentum of its own!

Sometimes, an issue is that parent’s worry how the school will react if they find out that they are opting for private tuition for their child. You don’t need to worry that staff will think you are dissatisfied with the teaching standards, they will usually appreciate that you are trying to help your child with the extra attention needed.

Private tutoring can benefit less confident students enormously! In some situations children feel too shy to speak up in class to voice their struggles; this is eliminated in a private environment where a pupil can talk freely and securely. The aim of private tuition is to improve knowledge, confidence, and provide future success.

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