Don’t Lose Out Over the Holidays

It is difficult to come back to school, or any level of education, firing on all cylinders when you’ve had a break. Many of us will take a few days off and the good habits of learning we have built up over weeks and months of schooling are quickly forgotten. It is important to keep things ticking over to ‘top up’ your learning during the periods of an extended break from schooling, such as the Christmas holidays or the long summer weeks.

The Important Balance of Work & Lifethe text school holidays written with chalk of different colors

The human brain is like any muscle in your body. Just as you make time to schedule regular trips to gym, or to go for a run or a swim to keep fit, your brain needs a similar routine. Routinely working your brain will help maintain the knowledge you have built up and to increase the capacity for more learning. Once term has started in school or college, the brain is working 5 days a week during the day, and homework in the evenings and at weekends, so to stop completely for a week or two week holiday can have a damaging effect if not managed appropriately.

Of course, it is important to have a break and to take time away from your studies to enjoy your spare time. Take the time to think about anything other than school and exams, spend time with your friends and family; enjoy your hobbies. A life with no stress free moments is not a life at all!

Reasons to Continue Learning Through the Holidays

Once you have discovered that a balance is required between your work and life, you can manage your time effectively. Even during the holidays, a private tutor can help you to stay effective and not waste good time that could be used to stay on top of your work or get ahead in preparation.

In the build up to a new school year you could take semi-regular private tutor sessions during the summer holidays. This could be to keep you up-to-date with the topics you have excelled in during the last year as a refresher before a second year of GCSE or A Level study, or to provide a basic knowledge on those subjects you are not familiar with and will be studying in the upcoming year.

The Education Centre has a wide range of options in terms of private tuition in Liverpool. If you are looking to keep your child up-to-date during the holidays with exams and important coursework coming up after the Christmas and Easter holidays, or you think a refresher on topics in the run up to the new school year will stand your child in good stead, we can help.

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